What you may expect from us

As an External Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Consultant for your company, we particularly offer:

  • Expertise: We are an experienced team of lawyers with many years of experience and knowledge in Data Protection Law, Data Security and as Data Protection Officers.
  • Practical relevance: Due to many years of practical experience we know companies “from the inside”. In colloquial terms, you should be able to “live what we advise”.
  • IT Affinity: Our Attorneys have a profound technical understanding and advise you on the individual needs of your IT landscape – regardless of whether you are dealing with existing or new systems.
  • Cost transparency and security: We work on the basis of flat rates.
  • Guaranteed legality of your data flows: We are not only outstanding Data Protectors, but also experienced Lawyers.
  • Project management skills: The implementation of a Data Protection Management is hardly conceivable without a highly ordered and transparent project management. Our team guarantees this with absolute care.
  • Availability: We are in the right place at the right time. Namely, wherever you need us. At your business location, your factory, the authority in charge, in the telephone conference, at your data processing center or your contractor‘s site. Supraregionally present and consulting on a worldwide scale.
  • Individuality of our service: We do not work “off the peg”, but offer you tailor-made concepts.
  • Personality and continuity: We do not provide you with just any resource, but with the right colleague for you – permanently, without unpleasant changes. This ensures continuous close cooperation with your specialist departments, which guarantees the prompt implementation of necessary measures and thus the implementation of data protection compliance in your company.
  • Efficiency: Our main focus is on Data Protection. This produces synergy effects. We use these for an efficient course of the project and, wherever possible, in order to save costs.
  • Target group-oriented communication: Data Protection is there for everyone: for the management, the works or personnel council, your employees, your customers and clients, for those who want to or should become it and last but not least also for the Data Protection Supervisory Authorities. This requires target group-oriented communication. Only in this way, any conflicting interests can be brought to a practical balance.
  • Full service: We see Data Protection as a cross-section issue and master the legal areas that shape Data Protection as a whole: Labour law and IT law. But also criminal and administrative offences law. In addition, we have knowledge of the legal areas that shape Data Protection in your industry, such as telecommunications law, competition law, social law, customs law, telemedia law, distance selling law, media law, insurance law, hospital law or even canon law.
  • Didactic skills: The provision of regular training is essential for good Data Protection in your company. Our training courses range from an initial “familiarization” with basic principles of data protection law to complex key topics (e.g. employee data protection, worldwide CRM systems, data transfer within the group, preparation of certification measures, archiving obligations, order data processing, etc.). It is important for us to raise the awareness of your employees according to their tasks.
  • Drafting skills: We draft guidelines, work instructions, operating and service agreements, declarations of consent and commitment, lists of procedures and contracts on a daily business. In addition, we draft manuals and all other Data Protection documents and documentations relevant to business practice.

Advice on Data Protection Law – based on the principles outlined above – is more than ever the indisputable goal of every company due to the increased fines, the obligation to report to the authorities (cf. Art. 33 GDPR) and potential serious damage to its reputation. Based on the qualifications described above and our successful concept, we ensure Data Protection in your company as your external DPO and thus guarantee a sustainable minimization of the liability risk.

Please contact us for further details – we will be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs. For more information on our three-point plan for Data Protection, please click here.