Three-point plan for Data Protection

To guarantee a stringent execution of our job as your External Data Protection Officer (DPO), we designed a concept based on our three-point plan for Data Protection.

Weak-point analysis and Data Protection Report

As a first step, we carry out an risk assessment in your company. We carry out the risk assessment either on-site or remotely. Based on the findings, we prepare a report that documents the degree of compliance with Data Protection standards. Furthermore, the report identifies any vulnerabilities, proposes suitable measures to remedy those vulnerabilities, defines responsibilities and sets a timetable for the implementation of these measures.

Support in the implementation of the Data Protection Report

In a next step, we implement any measures which we identified within the framework of the risk assessment. Whereby great importance is attached to binding your internal resources as little as possible.

Permanent support as an external Data Protection Officer

Finally, as an external Data Protection Officer, we permanently support your company regarding all aspects of Data Protection. Therefore, we ensure an ongoing compliance with legal standards, the adaptation of procedures to the requirements of new laws and the consideration of current changes in internal processes.

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