Compliance in general is a biding of legal provisions, internal company guidelines, ethical principles and self-imposed values. In recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of the topic compliance. At the same time, the recognition of compliance violations in the media increased. It has its origins in the banking and financial sector. The transfer to companies in other, less regulated areas of the economy has significantly enhanced compliance.

Companies have a duty to take organizational and supervisory measures to ensure that no violations of the law are committed from within the company. Violations of this may result in fines, in the most unpleasant case prison sentences and sanctions for the company, such as compensation payments, non-consideration in tenders and other orders or damage to the company’s public image. Effective compliance can help to significantly reduce and avoid these risks in order to avert damage to the company and the persons involved.

We show you how you can design tasks, processes and contracts in a way that no gaps or risks arise. So that your company can function not despite, but because of compliance. Our External Compliance Officers and Lawyers contribute their comprehensive legal expertise as well as their relevant practical experience from a wide range of industries and company sizes.

We ensure an initiation of a continuous improvement process to create compliance and structures that promote it. Among other things, we develop concepts to improve the design of operational processes and structures as well as reporting. These help to avoid legal violations, fines and image damage.

Compliance experts