Auditing areas

Data Security – Auditing areas

Together with our sister company dataKonform GmbH, our team conducts audits at companies or corporate groups with regard to Data Protection Compliance – in relation to law and technology, both with regard to the theoretical background by examining the Data Protection file and with regard to the practical implementation of these framework conditions.

As an alternative to these audits affecting the entire company or the entire group, we also audit individual, self-contained areas of the company or parts of the entire data flow. We are therefore glad to check for you, for example:

  • Your company website / your online shop
  • Call centers
  • CRM
  • Your archive
  • Your mobile IT processes
  • Your network of experts
  • Your data processors
  • Your Marketing/Human Resources/IT Department
  • One of your products (software products)
  • One of your service processes
  • Your Whistleblowing Hotline
  • Your applicant management
  • Your deletion principles
  • Your international data processing/your data transmission within the group of companies