Data Security

There is a close connection between Data Security and Data Protection. In contrast to Data Protection Data Security is primarily concerned with the protection of data, regardless of whether or not it is related to individuals. The essential points of Data Security are, in contrast to legally shaped Data Protection, technical and organizational measures, accordingly technical aspects of protection. They ensure the protection of data against loss and unauthorized access as well as falsification and misuse. For effective Data Protection as a whole adequate data security is aa requirement.

Together with our sister company dataKonform GmbH, we check the Data Protection measures and the existing Data Security in your company or group of companies. There are many good reasons for such an audit. They meet the increased interest in Data Protection and Data Security precautions on the customer side. On the one hand in the B2B and B2C sector, on the other with partners, employees and the general public. Both a legal and a technical audit are carried out due to the close connection of Data Protection (law) and Data Security (technology).

Additionally to audits in the area of Data Security the dataKonform GmbH offers the position of external CISO/external Data Security Officer. Furthermore, we offer services in the field of Data Security – custom-fit and in close coordination with our own Data Protection Consulting firm.

You will benefit permanently from our expertise. Our Lawyers and Data Security Experts have many years of practical experience in the fields of Data Protection and Security. They are at your side with advice and action for a process, but also for a company or group-wide risk recording.

External data protection officers