Wholesale and Retail

Wholesail and retail companies obtain goods from different manufacturers. Additionally they assemble them into a range and sell them to non-commercial customers, e.g. consumers or end users. A basic distinction is made between stationary retail with fixed sales areas, outpatient retail, mail order and e-commerce. In wholesale, the simultaneous and efficient processing of different orders is of great importance. For retailers, this means a smooth and timesaving flow of goods as well as reliable returns and branch management.

The interaction of wholesale and retail results in a complex system of contractual and service relationships. Until the goods reach the consumer, a wide range of legal areas are affected. This results in some specific characteristics or requirements for Data Protection in this industry. On the one hand, the processing of Personal Data in accordance with Data Protection Regulations must be ensured, on the other hand, the processing or use of customer data plays an essential role.

We implement effective and professional Data Protection Management Systems to ensure Data Protection and Data Security. We check, for example, which data your company may uses and to what extent. You can be utilize the information for customer loyalty and bonus systems as well as for marketing purposes. In addition, we comprehensively advise on relevant topics concerning wholesale and retail. This includes aspects of video surveillance in branches and logistics centers, consent concepts or questions on “in-store tracking” on the sites.

Whether as a consultant or as an External Data Protection Officer, we support your company on complying with legal requirements but at the same time on the practical implementation of Data Protection Requirements in wholesale and retail.