The automotive industry is one of the most important industrial branches in Europe. Many different participants of the market are active in this sector, e.g. producers, suppliers, developers, designers, etc. This results in various challenges and numerous legal questions.

In the age of connected cars, the areas of Data Protection and Data Security are of particular importance. For example, companies in the mobility area need to ask themselves what needs to be considered regarding Data Protection when developers and producers face developing innovations? How is the processing of Personal Data in networked services regulated? What are the main important aspects concerning Data Protection? We have developed numerous mechanisms to safeguard Data Security and Data Protection, taking into account the principles of the GDPR. You keep things moving – we protect your data with our expertise.

Telematics (telecommunications and computer science) includes a variety of information and communication technology methods and software solutions. Special telematics systems collect and transmit a great deal of data in real time, such as the route, the duration and the journey time. It’s no surprise that users of car sharing services worry about the protection and security of their personal data.

Companies that want to evaluate the relevant data or already prepare for commercial tariffs should take precautions. As External Data Protection Officers, we clarify processes, storage and deletion periods for you in the area of mobility. Moreover, we evaluate and update existing Data Protection Agreements, especially in cases of order processing. We examine new developed products or processes with expert opinions or accompany their development in an advisory capacity.