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Companies face complex challenges and questions regarding Data Protection on a daily basis in terms of marketing & advertising. If you want to design your offer optimally and constantly improve it, you have to find out what your customers expect and want from your services and products, and when and where, for example, they purchase the goods. Nevertheless, how do you obtain detailed and well-founded information on the behaviours of your customers without violating Data Protection regulations?

In particular, the question of whether or not consent must be obtained from the customer is an often asked question. Other legal bases for Data Processing considerably facilitate the collection of customer data.

In order to comply with the high standards of the General Data Protection Regulation, you need a central database optimized for analysis purposes. This must merge and consolidate data from several, usually heterogeneous sources, as well as provide a clear collection of customer data as a basis for personalized marketing. Equally essential is considering all aspects of Data Protection principles, such as encryption.

We advise marketing and advertising companies on all questions of Data Protection organization. If you use or process Personal Data, we ensure to find the appropriate legal basis and minimize risks. In addition to the processing of Personal Data for advertising purposes and the handling of employee data, our activities focus on topics such as the legally compliant design of websites, web analyses, web tracking, targeting and re-targeting, opt-in solutions for newsletter dispatch or the implementation of the EU cookie directive. We examine newly developed apps or bonus systems with expert opinions or accompany their development in an advisory capacity.