Industrial sector

The Industrial sector continues to be a central economic sector. The industry sector also requires compliance with Data Protection Laws in all areas, like motor vehicles, metalworking or mechanical engineering.

The Personal Data may not appear as sensitive at first sight as it is in the health or insurance sector. But it is also in the industrial sector important to implement a compliant Data Protection management system in a particularly attentive, professional and expert manner. There are numerous procedures and workflows in which data processing takes place.

Industrial companies must also check automated processes to determine whether a personal reference arises or Personal Data are being processed. Machine data, location data or identification numbers can be used to create a direct reference to the person (and the person’s working method) operating the machine. The networking of machines, labor and production facilities with information technologies in the industry sectorposes a further challenge.

We implement effective and professional Data Protection management systems for your manufacturing business to ensure Data Protection. Furthermore, we comprehensively advise on relevant Data Protection issues in the manufacturing industry. Whether as a consultant or as an External Data Protection Officer, we support on complying with legal requirements but at the same time on practical implementation of Data Protection requirements. Please feel free to contact us.