Hotel Business & Tourism

The hotel industry is one of the most data-intensive industries of our time. The daily operation in the Hotel Business & Tourism sector involves many Data Protection aspects and challenges. Due to its risk liability, the Supervisory Authorities strongly regulate and controlle the hotel industry. Examinations and complaints are highly relevant. Our Data Protection Experts advise the entire industry, from hoteliers to large hotel chains to external hotel service providers.

In principle, the data of guests in hotels are very sensitive and personal. In addition, the use of data is necessary quite early in the process, e.g. for a booking/request. The fully or partially automated processing of Personal Data are subject to provisions of the GDPR. We support in setting up a legally compliant process.

During a stay in a hotel, many of the guest’s behavioral patterns/spectrums become visible, such as eating and sleeping habits or leisure activities. It is particularly important to protect the personal rights and integrity of the guests. Due to the fact that highly personal living space of the guests is affected, technical and organizational measures must be given special attention. Many aspects and special regulations must also be observed in the case of possible video surveillance in the hotel.

Overall, liability is very high and the slightest carelessness can lead to devastating damage to affected persons, which can result in regulatory fines or high claims for damages. The use of standardized templates is impossible because each hotel is different. Therefore, individual Data Protection processes and documents are necessary.

Sensitive Data

In addition, employees work with a disproportionately large amount of Sensitive Data of the guests daily. Hence, Data Protection Specialists must train these employees proactively and from a practical point of view. The controller also exposes to a high liability potential here.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales departments are responsible for all activities related to the marketing and sale of a hotel. In the hotel industry, marketing and sales departments represent the hotel brand(s) to the outside world and constantly develop them further. You maintain business relationships, for example, with corporate customers, travel agencies, and reservation agencies which all require considering Data Protection issues. Furthermore Data Protection also plays a role within the framework of rating portals or advertisement.

Whether as a Consultant or as an External Data Protection Officer, we support your company with implementing compliant structures that at the same time allow a practical approach regarding Data Protection Requirements in the hotel industry. We make sure that you remain competitive.