The General Data Protection Regulation harmonizes the processing of Personal Data of EU citizens and increases the protection of private information.

This results in a confrontation of production companies and developer studios as well as their products, productions and services for entertainment, such as films, television, music, books and video games with new, special challenges. For the first time, non-European publishers have to implement European Law if, they distribute their games/products for European citizens. This is a very positive development for users/consumers. When implementing the legal changes, production companies and development studios have to consider a large number of issues. Above all, reagarding communication and exchange taking place in and about video games today more than ever. This does not only concern online role-playing games. Other games and online offerings enable games to be played, used and exchanged via the Internet in a virtual world.

We help and support your company to implement an effective and professional Data Protection Management System. We therefore precisely document the collected and subesequently processed data and for what purpose. In addition, the definition of accurate deletion periods is necessary. A summary of the IT security measures and Data Security is mandatory. We are happy to show you how the combination of Data Protection, entertainment and gaming can work, without sacrificing entertainment, gaming fun or business success.