The organization and administration of colleges and universities rely more and more on IT-systems. These systems are characterized by the fact that they collect and process a large amount of Personal Data. Hence, those systems require a comprehensive monitoring and support to comply with Data Protection Requirements. This concerns applicants and students as well as teachers and educational staff.

In addition, the increased importance of digital learning opportunities means that Data Protection issues are on the rise. We provide permanent support for colleges and universities in order to ensure sustainable Data Protection. Next to legal specialization in Data Protection Law, our Attorneys have extensive expertise in the implementation of technical and organizational measures to comply with Data Protection Law and Data Security.

Services for universities

Our services for universities include among others

  • Review and evaluation of existing measures and development of necessary but not (yet) existing measures, statutes and service agreements to ensure compliance with Data Protection and Data Security
  • Comprehensive advice on Data Protection Requirements in research and administrative matters at universities and colleges
  • Introduction of cross-university processes and the associated integration of Personal Data
  • Advising the universities management, staff representatives and the staff of the colleges and universities on all Data Protection/Data Security issues
  • Assessment of the Data Protection and Data Security of all IT- and communications systems at universities / colleges
  • Verification of compliance with the Data Protection Legislation in the context of e-learning platforms
  • Advice on Data Protection Law in the development of evaluation processes that are effective in terms of Data Protection Law, taking into account educational legal requirements
  • Introduction and/or use of an identity management system in compliance with Data Protection Law
  • Introduction and/or use of an online learning platform in compliance with Data Protection Law
  • Trainings to raise awareness amongst employees regarding Data Protection issues and risks
  • Participation in all projects that contain processing of Personal Data
  • Data Breach Management

We detect existing weak points and develop concrete solutions through initial on-site audits at the colleges or universities, each tailored to the individual needs of the institution in order to achieve the legally required level of Data Protection. We are also happy to serve as an External Data Protection Officer where necessary.