The freelancing activity (consulting) includes, for example, the independent scientific, artistic, teaching or educational activity. As well as the independent professional activity of doctors, lawyers, notaries, architects, auditors, tax consultants and similar professions.

The General Data Protection Regulation has been in force since 25.05.2018. The obligatory implementation of and compliance with these provisions create a high level of bureaucracy and additional costs for the liberal professions. This results in a field of tension between the legally secure handling of data as the highest good of Data Protection and the practicability of implementation for freelancers. Also affected by the GDPR are pharmacies, law firms and practices of the liberal professions.

The Protection of Personal Data therefore constitute an important part of risk management, also for freelance professionals and consultants.

We not only advise but also draw up guidelines for Data Protection and IT security for your company. In addition, we support in setting up a suitable Data Protection Organization or in implementing process structures. If necessary, we also help to integrate a Data Protection Officer for coordination and cooperation with the Supervisory Authorities. We organize all necessary trainings/seminars to raise awareness and implement all relevant topics around Data Protection and Data Security.