Data Protection Consulting

Consulting in the context of Data Protection primarily aims at ensuring Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable local data protection laws in order to avoid liability risks and fines. However, our continous monitoring of the international data protection legislation enables us to provide you with comprehensive Data Protection Consulting.

We consider it a basic requirement to be well acquainted with your industries achieving a target-oriented and tailor-made solution for your Data Protection Management. Therefore, depending on the industry, we take specific regulations or rules into account, such as the handling of Sensitive Data in hospitals and in the insurance industry, special legislation for the church or the transfer of data beyond the borders of Europe.

We make sure that you keep track of the comprehensive and complex requirements and comply with Data Protection Regulations. Our Expert Team, including lawyers, business lawyers and certified Data Protection Officers, support you in all legal and design matters. Benefit from the profound and long-standing expertise of our team. Below you will find an overview of the industries to which we provide our services.